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I am proud and honored to serve as your Councilwoman on Virginia Beach City Council.
Thank you for your vote of confidence. Together we will continue to do great things for our great City!



Public Safety Supporter
Councilwoman Shannon Kane represents the Rose Hall district in Virginia Beach and was elected in 2014 by a huge margin, winning every district throughout Virginia Beach. Since her election, Councilwoman Kane has been a champion of public safety by increasing funding for police officers and firefighters and has worked closely with the business community to bring higher paying jobs to Virginia Beach.
Advocate for those in Need
Shannon Kane does the work that you don’t read about in the newspaper – aiding the less fortunate, helping citizens throughout the city solve problems, making sure everyone’s voice is heard. Councilwoman Kane created a commission to work on making the city services bill more affordable for more Virginia Beach citizens; and also created the We Feed Virginia Beach program for children in our school system without adequate access to food.
Entrepreneur & Volunteer
Shannon Kane is a small business owner who also is a strong advocate for the value of volunteerism and nonprofits. She is President of EWR Management Group in Virginia Beach, serves as Board President of the Alzheimer’s Association, and is a member of the Beach Leadership Council. Shannon was recognized by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce as the 2016 G&W Small Business Leader of the Year.




We understand that some of our fellow citizens have special situations which deserve our attention. We have an active community of volunteers and activists, but the price of cutbacks on city and state services for those with special challenges is started to show. We must review services that we offer through the city and make sure they are funded adequately to complete the missions we task them. Virginia Beach is a city for everyone, and it should remain so.


Two years ago, I ran on a pledge to help protect and expand jobs in Virginia Beach. Since then, 64 businesses expanded, while another 28 new companies opened. Together, they added 3,020 new jobs, helped retain 2,944 jobs, invested more than $440 million in capital improvements occupying nearly 2,000,000 square feet of new commercial space. We are ready to expand even more. I stay committed and connected to job growth through my weekly Workplace Wednesday meetings with local businesses.


As a member of Council, I have voted to fully fund our schools and teachers. I’ve voted for every dollar of every School Board request. If we want the best teachers, we must not only have the most competitive compensation, but we also must continue to have a professional school system staff and administration so teachers can do what they do best: teach. Our children deserve every opportunity to excel, and I commit to continue that mission on City Council.


An unsafe city will lose jobs and companies, will have failing schools and begin a downward spiral hard to combat. As a member of Council, I have voted for significant investments in our public safety professionals to make sure we prevent that. I have supported investments in salaries to help eliminate decades-long salary compression, and also funding for police cameras. Our police, fire and rescue personnel must have the training and compensation to retain our great uniformed professionals and keep VA Beach the safest city of its size in America.

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